Aging Martial Artists Slow Their Action Roles

It is a fact. As we age as human beings, our bodies change, forcing us to reduce or stop doing some of the things we enjoyed taking part in when we were younger. Older adults usually can anticipate losing about 20 to 30 percent in muscle mass over time. When your muscle strength decreases, the things you do every day seem to become more difficult to complete. This is the case with famous martial artists jackie chan and Jet Li.

Chan, who is currently 60 years old, has enjoyed an exciting career as a comedian, producer, stunt performer, director, and several other job titles found in the entertainment industry. He is most famous for his acrobatic style of fighting, use of weapons, and comic timing. Two years ago, he announced his retirement from action cinema at the Cannes Film Festival. He said he was not young anymore and that he was really, really tired.He has broken almost every bone in his body for the sake of entertainment and he deserves a rest from the physically demanding actions scenes that we have come to expect from him.

Chan also said that the current level of violence in movies is too high right now, and there is too much violence in the world. Additionally, he is not a fan of mixed martial arts (MMA), which is extremely popular today. The Ultimate Fighter 20’s season debut attracted 1.735 million viewers. Chan disagrees with cage fighting and views attacking your opponent while he or she is down as disrespect. Chan desires to be known as more than just a comedian and martial artist. He wants to be known as a true actor. Chan, just like Li, has faced the reality that we cannot do the things that we use to do in our 50s and 60s.

unhealthy-jetLi, who is currently 51, recently disclosed that he has experienced dramatic weight gain due to an overactive thyroid. Hyperparathyroidism, in which the parathyroid is overactive, affects about 100,000 U.S. adults. Li said he is in pain, but he is not suffering. He is currently taking medication to control his heart rate, which can reach 130 to 140 during normal activities. As these two legends limit their roles and action scenes, younger actors will fill the void left by these martial artists.

Some examples of young, and not so young up and coming talent include, Tony Jaa the Thai legend- a mixture of Jackie chan and Jet Li with a unique style of his own. Scott Adkins the musclebound acrobat better known for his role as the convict Yuri Boyka, Michael Jai White who played an awesome part in Blood and Bone and Donnie Yen- who has been around for a while and has stared along side both Jackie and Jet, he is famous for his role as Grandmaster IP in IP man parts 1 and 2. There are also many many more….

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